Reviews for Nine Lives

Below are a sampling of reviews for Nine Lives, posted to Amazon. Thank you to those of you kind enough to purchase and read the book, and then take the time to write and share the reviews.!
  1. This book is one of the most unique stories I have ever read. The authors wove the nine lives (stories) of the cat thru the centuries looking through its eyes. The way they connected all the lives at the end is both amazing and sad. THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK!! BMCS
  2. This book was a fun read. It's a great walk through history from a four-legged perspective. Written as nine short stories, the book was easy to pick up and read at anytime. Well researched by the authors with lots of interesting historical facts throughout. I would recommend the book highly for a good summer read! .
    Roy Wallace
  3. What a wonderful book - It made me laugh and Cry - it made me think of the past and of history - very sweet and thought provoking! I looked forward to my nightly reading time because I wanted to get to the next Life/Chapter! I will be looking for the next book from these authors! Any one who is a cat Lover will enjoy this book - Even a dog lover - (Myself) - Loved this book!
    Angela Bryan
  4. We all think of cats as having nine lives, authors Tom Gumbert and April Kautzman take that to a whole new level. What if each of the nine lives is lived individually throughout the millennia? What social and historical milestones are seen, what knowledge is gleaned from living through these events? It's a rather short read, and I hadn't expected such a full book to come out of it. The author's have a way of making you truly feel for the characters. Some lives left me happy, some in tears. All in all, it's a very good story and leaves me hopeful for a next book from these two and their unique perspective.
    Gina Billet
  5. Just finished Nine Lives and I'm missing the book already. So I thought I would share a few concluding observations. First, I was pulled into each and every story with characters that became real and knowable from one historical epoch to the next. Nine Lives is indeed a story that chronicles man's inhumanity to man, in many ways fulfilling the prophecy that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But the book is ultimately a redemption story that brings to mind so many favorite movie and book quotes. "What we do in life echoes in eternity." "Small deeds done with love will change the world" - and on and on. And, charmingly, the entire sweeping saga is experienced and told through a cat with nine lives, all of which weave together in a final-ending tapestry of timeless ideals, such as faithfulness, forgiveness, and certainly companionship. As for the book's villains - those who oppress and exploit -- the books authors spare no one, and are intentionally balanced in ways that remind readers that we can all foment hatred if we so choose. The religious, the irreligious, the haughty, the prejudiced, the selfish, the power-seeking, the willfully ignorant -- all remind us that compassion and caring are choices. And we should all strive to recognize and rise above the biases so prevalent in every culture. Lastly, Nine Lives is an enjoyable read, even if you're not a "cat person." The story aims high and delivers, but in a way that doesn't take itself too seriously, nor does it come off preachy. You'll feel inspired and well-treated for having read it. I highly recommend it.
    Brian J Taylor
  6. Each story by itself is good, but when you put them together you get a book that is great. You journey through time with a globe trotting cat who is pure of heart, which makes the atrocities he witnesses even more gut wrenching. You feel his joy and pain as one life leads into another until all 9 lives converge into a fantastic and sentimental ending. Did I laugh? Yes. Did I cry? Yes. Did I learn something? Absolutely. These stories are well thought out and well researched. They are easy to read, and you are pulled from one story into another. So grab some coffee, a cat (if you are lucky enough to have one), and a comfy chair. You won't want to stop reading once you start.
    Andrea Gumbert
  7. I love to read books about Cats, but if the book I choose is not interesting enough....I never finish reading it. Nine Lives is not one of "those" books, I enjoyed reading this book; and did not put the book down because it held my interest. Awesome book and I strongly recommend Nine Lives to everyone..... all walks of life would enjoy it. Oder one enjoy and have fun!!!
    Pansy Cress
  8. What a fun idea! Even if you are not a cat lover, you will love this book! This is not simply a fat house cat that lays around doing nothing all day. It has lived all nine of its lives in different places within history. Each story allows the reader to see life as never seen before - through the eyes of a cat. Many times you hear, "I would love to be a fly on the wall", well here's your chance but from a cat's perspective! I highly encourage you to purchase this book and share the experiences and travels of this cat in its "Nine Lives"..
    Jillian Manion